Why Choose Sonic WiFi

Our Company’s foundation is built on high values, integrity and innovation. With the expertise of our team members and the network structure in place we are confident that we can plan and implement the required ICT for our clients, no matter how big or small. Our commitment to the industry and a passion for technology, has assisted us to grow to be a market leader in the delivery of Wireless Internet and related services in the Overberg. We strive to ensure customer trust and satisfaction. With our thirst for learning, a drive for growth and a commitment to service excellence, we lead the market by overcoming challenges and never compromising our integrity.

It’s our strong work ethic and committed team that plays a big role in Sonic’s success. We hire people based on attitude above proven ability and our strong and supportive culture helps to align the company’s vision with individual aspirations. We have a full complement of network administrators, trained technicians, a dedicated high site team, dedicated technical support team, administrators, and 3 retail stores to provide a personal service - all this to ensure that our clients receive exceptional service. We always aim to be a step ahead and build lasting relationships with our clients.

We work closely with our key resellers to add value to the market by incorporating products, services and providing exceptional service to be a respected company for our clients and employees. This methodology helps us to deliver more than just a product, it enables us to create solutions that match market demand. With a network that is Fibre backhauled and delivered via last mile wireless it enables us to provide Fibre quality connectivity to residential as well as SME and Corporate clients. Services are available as asymmetric or full symmetric. We make use of 4 upstream providers to ensure a complete network fail-over should an upstream provider have connectivity issues.

As of date, Sonic can provide the following products:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Point to Point Wireless network installations
  • Domain Hosting Services
  • Installation of internal networks – wired and wireless
  • Supply of all Computer hardware and operating systems
  • Sales of all IT related peripherals

In an ever-developing market Sonic WiFi strives
to be your one-stop provider for all connectivity
and communication requirements

We Support!

Being involved in the communities in which we live and work is part of our company’s culture.
We are privileged to be involved in supporting local charities, children's programs, and volunteering time on outreach projects.

Want to become part of our team?

Send your CV to cv@sonicmail.co.za